About HMB

Assalaam’alaikum and Thank You for reading this.

From the heart of Birmingham, we are Halal Monitoring Board (HMB) and we are a non-profit organisation.

We aspire to the highest standards of Halal certification as prescribed by Sharia (Islamic Law). We are also very pleased to tell you that HMB is backed by The Islamic Sharia Council UK and established Muslim Scholars (Ulamah).

We are here to put the ‘Trust’ back into Halal produce and we want to do this by eradicating confusion and double standards where we can. Having completed our own Market Research we understand that the current method of certifying goods as ‘Halal’ is not working well for businesses and consumers. We have the knowledge, support and awareness available to serve the Muslim Community. Please Remember – we are not here to make profit. We simply want to make sure when something is claimed to be Halal, that it actually is. If we can’t confirm that a product is completely Halal, then simply – we won’t!

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run or what stage of the supply chain you are involved in. Whatever your position, it is important to you and your customers that what you provide (and they buy) is completely Halal. This is where HMB comes in.

And it isn’t just meat and poultry that needs to be certified!

Naturally, most of our work is in the Halal Meat and Poultry industry (British Muslims make up just 3% of the UK population, but amazingly we consume 20% of the total red meat!) If that isn’t surprising enough, let us tell you that we have been asked to research items such as confectionary (sweet and chocolates), medicines, cosmetics, drinks, toiletries and even cleaning products. So we come to you with a wide range of experience!

Once we have been asked to research a product (or the company behind the product), our goal is to make sure that the absolute Islamic Shariah principles have been fulfilled during its production (from its source). Our skilled staff will carry out their research and inspections, until we are 100% happy and only then will we grant our ‘Certificate of Authenticity’.

We put a lot of hard work, time and effort into making sure what we have been asked to do – is done correctly. Just as important is that this ‘correctness’ is fully based on Islamic Shariah laws. We will not and do not, provide one certificate and leave it at that. The license is reviewed monthly to ensure the supply chain remains totally Halal, like it should.

This will give you the added reassurance and guarantee that the product in question is 100% Halal, 100% of the time!

Whether you are an individual who has a concern or a business, we can give you the practical yet professional answer that you need. It doesn’t matter what type of product you are concerned about or what your business does. Our highly trained and experienced staff will respond to any concern. We welcome business enquiries from any sector and we can provide relevant advice for your company. HMB also offers its services to local government schools, hospitals and prisons.

Even if you are already with a supplier who gives you with a ‘guarantee’, we will like to hear from you. Our own Market Research has told us that nearly 40% of Halal businesses in Birmingham (that are Halal Certified) are not happy with their current certificate provider. We want to address this.

We don’t supply any goods – so you will not be forced to buy any products from HMB; this is not what we are here to do. We provide a simple service, we don’t do it for profit and we pride ourselves on this service being Halal. So rest assured.

We will make sure that the product is 100% Halal, 100% of the time!

Please get in touch to find out how HMB can help you today – Our advice and support will be practical, professional and perfectly Halal! We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank You for again reading this and Jazaak’Allah for your time.